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Monday, July 5, 2010

BA Battle Rep 2 and Painting Progress

So, progress is being made! Ive completed about 25 foot slogging marines so far, and have about 6 or 7 more to go. Ive also got to wrap up the second rhino, and begin painting my first land raider. Ive got 2 more razorbacks sitting in boxes still, after I went on a buying spree when the RAZ squads were all the internet rage (and I found out I dont like using them)... You can also see the jump marines and drop pod with dread I completed earlier this year (anyone want them, make an offer, looking for orks (lootas, battlewagons)

As far as the battle rep goes, im going to have to keep it short since I dont remember much of it. I was up against an mech eldar list (2x dire a squads in wave serpents, a squad of fire dragons in a wave serpent, and a full squad of banshees in a wave serpent with a farseer, and 2 squads of warp spiders. I have 2x squads of assault marines in rhinos with priest (melta, m. pistol, power first, power weapon), a pred with las sponsons, 2x baal preds (dakka style), 10x assault marines with jump pack (melta, p. fist) all led by a Lib.

We had a pitched battle deployment with 4 objectives. A mobile assault force vs a mobile shooty army (aside from the banshees).

The game went fairly well, as it began well for me (I took down a waves serpent with the dragons and widdled the squad down to 2), while shaking another serpent. The eldar struck back by shooting the crap out of the jump marines, leaving 3 left (I loath dire avengers with bladestorm, doom and fortune). The marines then took down a second serpent and a squad of the warp spiders. The las cannon predator with autocannon is the perfect tank hunter for those of you looking for some anti tank options...

Then came the Banshees... I read all over the internet that banshees are a bad selection for eldar. HA, I disagree after loosing a 9 man squad and priest to a squad of charging, fleet o foot banshees. With doom and fortune, my marines stood no chance ( I lost the Lib stupidly earlier, should have saved him, forgot how important that p. hood was).

The game ended in a tie, with each of us contesting 1 objective, and holding none others (thank you tank shock - got those damn avengers off the objective end of turn five). With a roll of a 2, game over.

Now, do I continue with the BAs or switch over to painting the Ork Boyz for a little while.

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