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Monday, December 28, 2009

How to: Using Decal Thinner (A must for GW)

As I proceed in painting more and more blood angels (im now addicted to this painting scheme), I realized that GW actually makes decals to support this first founding chapter (unlike my Raven Guard... though forge world did just release a Raven Guard Dreadnought). After toying with the GW decals on a model or two, I realized that these decals are way to thick when applying to anything other than a flat surface. One example, when I initially applied the BA icon to the shoulder pad above, it looked awful, not conforming to the rounded surface at all. So, with a little trip to the local hobby shop, I found "Decal Medium" (aka decal thinner).

What I ended up doing was applying the decal as normal (with warm water/vinegar mixture) and letting it set for just a moment, as I dabbed away the water both atop and beneath the decal as I pressed it down (be careful not to shift the decal however). After removing excess water off the decal, I used an old brush to generously apply 2 coats the decal medium (both atop and beneath the decal). Let it set for at least 8 hours, as by then it should have formed to the curved surface of the model. After letting it set, the decals look fantastic. Be sure to trim the decal as close to the icon as possible, as so you dont get excessive shine from the decal surface on the model. I always, always recommend you to grab your thinnest brush and apply a little paint to the decal, using it as a guide (ex. the yellow blood angel drip - apply a little yellow paint to the inside of the droplet, it makes it look less like a decal and takes away the shine).

Here is the chapter thus far:
The red helmets look better in my opinion, but im working on getting the yellow helmets to look as good (yellow is a pain to paint with).


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarfs for SALE - unpainted

So, here is the first set of Ebay Auctions ill be hosting to sell of my warhammer fantasy armies - this one is centered around my dwarfs. Everything is unpainted and NEW:

Dwarf King Kazador of Karak Azul - Warhammer Dwarf Hero

Dwarf Engineer Burlock Damminson - Warhammer Dwarf Hero

Dwarf Gyrocopter- Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Rare Flyer

Dwarf Cannon- Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Rare Weapon

Dwarf Gortek and Felix - Felix Unit - RARE Warhammer

Ork and Goblin Giant- Warhammer Fantasy Giant Rare Unit

Dwarf Slayer King Ungrim Ironfist -Warhammer Dwarf

12x Dwarf Slayers - new
2 sets

18x dwarf longbeards


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Warhammer Fantasy Armies/units for TRADE

So, as im home for the holidays I decided to dig up the ol' warhammer fantasy armies. I didnt remember I had sooo much stuff. As im now a 40k player, im looking to trade away the following items - email me if your interested (most everything is unpainted):

-Warhammer Fantasy Dwarfs including:
-16 crossbowmen (metal)
-16 dwarf slayers (metal)
- gyrocopter (metal)
- anvil of doom (metal)
- 16 longbeards (metal)

Warhammer Fantasy Elfs:
- 10 Dragon Princes (metal/plastic)
- 2 bolt throwers (metal)
- Dragon (metal)
- Chariot (metal/plastic)

Warhammer Giant (metal, third edition giant - looks better than the new ones...)

leave a comment or shoot me an email if your interested in any of the above for trade (wanted SMs, Blood Angels, Orks) or $.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Predator Destructor - Use Me!

The Predator Destructor Patten tank is one which I enjoy utilizing. Not only do I find it an excellent point costing gunship, but I think it looks awesome. With the mech assault armies so prevalent these days, this tank is perfect for taking out light armored transports such as Rhinos. Additionally, nothing takes down a hoard of Tyranids better than one of these tanks (95 points = 6x S5 AP4 shots, 2x S7 AP4 shots, and 2x S4AP4 shots) decked out with an autocannon, 2x heavy bolters and a storm bolter.

I find these tanks most effective when your able to run 2 or 3 of them, as thats enough fire power to typically pound a squad of terminators and take half the squad out, or really do some damage any Eldar squad unlucky enough to be foot slogging it. For 95 points, the spaces marines dont have any better option for throwing out such a volume of fire, with front armor 13 non the less...

The model was actually the first tank I ever purchased, so it will forever be a favorite of mine, but I havent let that cloud my judgment on how good I think this tank is and how often its under utilized... Most everyone one I face or talk to never runs Predator tanks, and for 95 points as armed above, I dont know why... Sure the Vindicator is a scary bullet magnet, but its always 1 weapon destroyed result away from being a 120 point storm bolter. With the Predator, taking out any specific weapon from it leaves it at 75% strength.

Again, next time your building your list, try dropping the Land Raider and grab 3 of these at 285 points (30 shots and ~13.5 wounds to anything with T4 and ~16 wound against anything T3). Say goodbye to those of so very annoying and scary winged warptime nurgle chaos demon princes...

Your Thoughts?


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Soldier of Sanguinius! AND Commission work

So what began as a personal challenge has now morphed into something more than just that... As I progress with painting my first blood angel, I quickly decided I cant stop. With painting the raven guard, while it was enjoyable, I missed the ability to blend and dry brush. As a result of my new found painting BA abilities, Im not going to be able to stop. I actually plan on selling off some of my raven guard army and converting the rest into BA. Any one interested?

In that same realm, Im going to be taking a week off from work over the holiday break. I would LOVE to do some small commission work over the break. Anyone willing to give me a chance on doing a small 5 man squad or dreadnought or... for either the Orks or Space Marines (given I dont know my abilities to paint other armies - havent developed a comfort level with painting eldar/guard/....). My price will be reasonable, thought not a steal. Anyway, here are some more pics:

My plan is basically to convert over my raven guard army, and use the SM codex with the BAs till the new BA codex comes out in March??? Would be awesome.

Oh Oh, before I forget, ill post soon on how to use decal thinner and how it makes GW decals look great on models!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Battle Report - Raven Guard vs. Witch Hunters

Raven Guard vs Sister of Battle

Raven Guard:

Commander (relic blade) & Command Squad (C. Champ, Melta Gun) in Razorback

Predator (HB & Autocannon)

2x Tactical Squad (Missile Launcher, Melta Guns) Combat Squad

6x Assault Marines (Powerfist)

Dreadnought (MM, Heavy Flamer) in Drop Pod

5x Assault Terminators (TH/SS)

Sisters of Battle:

3x 10 man Storm troopers in Rhinos (plasma pistol)

2x 10 woman Sister of Battle Squads in Rhinos (flamer, h.flamer, plasma pistols)

Sister HQ Canoness (Jump Pack, Power Weapon, Spell Book (?))

Witch Hunter Inquisitor

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of War

I won and took first turn. Placed Melta Gun sergeants squads in middle of board behind a building, rocket squads on opposite sides near rear.

Opponent deployed single Rhino Squad in rear (18” away) with Canoness as close as possible.

First Turn – I simply moved in the 2x Sergeant led melta squads to each side of the building, preparing to shoot the rhinos as they move towards my deployment zone. Neither Rocket squad was in range (night fight) on my far ends of the board. However, the Dreadnought in the drop pod came down in a storm of fury in front of the single rhino on the board.

Otherwise the predator, assault squad and command razorback rolled onto the middle of my deployment zone.

The Dreadnought opened up fire with the M.Melta, and watch as the rhino exploded upon impact as the ball lightning shot struck. The storm troopers inside proceeded to then get cooked as a heavy flamer was unleashed on them. The survivors would be picked off in the next turn.

My opponent only could watch as the canoness flew forward, with the remaining storm troopers left with no recourse but to change the dreadnought, in hopes of trying to tie it up in combat… Otherwise it would simply go for the next rhino. Unfortunately, this dreadnought made due of the remaining storm troopers as they ran off the board edge after failing to do anything to the dreadnought. The 4 remaining rhinos came up 12 inches near the middle of the board.

Killpoints – Me: 1 Opponent: 0

Turn 2 – I then flew forward with the assault marines, and ran with the meltagun squads around the center building. The razorback went full speed toward the enemy rhinos, and the rocket squads shot at the rhinos, scoring a single shaken result. The dreadnought proceeded to strike another rhino with the fury of his melta gun, and Boom, another exploding rhino. The Stormtrooper squad inside suffered the same fate as their brother squad.

My opponents Canoness continued to charge forward, almost getting within assault range of one of the melta gun squads. The remaining 3 rhinos lunged forward, with one of the rhinos attempting to tank shock my Dreadnought after failing to harm if with 2 plasma pisolts. Attempt failed, as the dreadnought lunged to the side. My opponent knew he had to do anything he could to get rid of the dreadnought in the middle of the board, as he had nothing to harm it other than plasma pistols.

KP: Me: 3 Opponent: 0

The dreadnought was still hungry for some rhino steel, and assaulted the third rhino filled with storm troopers. The result of this combat was no different then the other two. One more destroyed result with the dreadnought on the assault. The Assault Marines charged at the canoness, only to fail to wound her as she beat down 2 assault marines, forcing them to flee from the combat (as she had a 2+ invul. with her faith points). The combat squad and one of the melta squads tried to take out a rhino, failing to hit it or assault it…

The canoness proceeded to charge the combat squad, taking down 2 marines but was tied up in combat. A sister squad then proceed to jump out of the unharmed rhino I failed to shot or assault with the command squad; laying down two flame templates and a volley if bolter fire, nearly taking down the command squad. Leaving it down to 1 veteran and leaving 1 wound on my commander.

KP: 5 Opponent: 0

I would follow up the sister volley of fire with my own assault, charging in with commander, veteran and combat squad with sergeant/melta. The sister squad took down my commander and remaining veteran, only to fall to the combat squad. My assault squad then charge and blew up rhino number 4. The remaining sisters wouldn’t sit by and watch… The dreadnought shot down some of the remaining storm troopers, 2 left…

The last sister squad unloaded on the assault squad, getting it down to the sergeant, while the canoness took out the combat squad. The sister inquisitor came on and began to unleash the metla torpedoes from the hovering flagship as orbital bombardments’. Their aim would be way off the remainder of the game, never harming a single marine.

KP: 6 Opponent:2

My predator unleashed its 10 shots on the canoness, finally putting 2 wounds on her. She passed 10+ saves prior with her 2+ invul. My assault terminators finally came in, and the sole assault marine sergeant with power fist took down the last storm trooper. The Dreadnought fired at the sole remaining enemy troop squad on the board, taking down 2 more. At this point in the game my opponent only had a witch inquisitor, a single wound canoness, 7 sister and a rhino on the board. I’ve only lost a command squad and commander, a combat squad and some assault marines.

The remaining 2 turns were simply clean up, as the assault marine sergeant, assault terminators and dreadnought destroyed the remaining enemies.

Final Count- KP (Me): 11 Opponent: 2

A massacre victory for the marines, thought my opponent knew he wasn’t bringing much to the table. He knew this was one of my first games back and went easy on me… Plus, my dreadnought scored 5 or 6 killpoints on its own with nothing my opponent could do to take it down.

MVP: Dreadnought

Least Valuable Units: Rocket Launcher Combat Squads.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Project - Blood Angels! (painting)

So, even though ive always wanted to start a blood angels army, I havent yet to do so... till now! And no, im not leaving behind my Raven Guard (yet), but I wanted to see if I was up to painting a blood angel, yes, singular, just one.

The most difficult thing about painting any army which has a black base coat (raven guard, black templar) is that the base is so unforgiving. There is no blending, no dry brushing, no fun... Its all highlighting. So, as Ive always noted my Ork boyz have always been more impressive to me than my Raven Guard as they allowed me to blend and shade. So, with this pass the first of my blood angels has been painted. I dont know if Ill be painting any more blood angels anytime soon, but I wanted to see how I could lay down some red coats on this spare model. Overall im very pleased with how it turned out.

Here are some more pics:

If anyone cares Ill fire off a follow up post on how I painted this.

ALSO, I never got word back, so the HORUS HERESY novel give away is still on! More to come.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How to not tie with Marines?

So, im finally getting some games o' 40k after a couple month painting hiatus and I must ask the 40k community, how do I win with space marines? I dont always seem to be making the strongest tactical decisions, however even when I do I cant seem to pull out that strong victory yet with this army. Ive been playing in smaller point games (about 1000 to 1250 point games) with the core of my army:

HQ - Captain
- Command Squad in Razorback, Melta Gun, Company Champion
Troops - 2x Tactical Squad (Melta Gun, Rocket Launcher) I typically combat squad
Elite - 5x TH/SS Termies
- Dreadnought (H. Flamer, M.Melta)
Fast Attack - 5x Assault Marines (Power Fist)
Heavy - Predator

and I keep drawing with the last squad I have on the table to hold that last objective. Typically, I seem to have 8 marines left on the table while im still facing a formidable army from my opponent. I just cant kill as much as I die with the vanilla marines codex.

So, I think you all may have seen my army list from previous post (here), so now its time to begin working with my core list and expanding outward to bigger and better things. More to come with what I dream up, and ill take any suggestions.

I know suggestion #1 to myself is to just keep at it, keep on playing away and tactics will come with experience.

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