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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I won a painting contest, woo!

Well, the regional games workshop store was hosting a painting competition, and I therefore decided to enter. I have never entered a painting competition before, but was excited to see my models line up against the competition.

Well, i walked away with best painted large model and regiment for my lizardmen (which I have yet to play a game with...).

I was please to hear some of the comments made about my painting skills, and it made my wonder if in fact I could get into doing some small commission work. For now, I need to paint the Raven Guard, but who knows what to come after that.

As you can see below (from the previous post) I am selling my lizardmen (not my painted figured though).

On eBay now: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180412976537&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT

If I were to sell this stegadon, I wonder what it would fetch? I cant see myself selling it for less than 160$ or so, i put soooo much time into it. I ask you readers out there, what is a pretty good figure go for? Would you ever commission out to someone to paint your army?

I know my only point of reference is jawaballs and his blog, where he has a single chaplain for sale at 85$.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Lizardmen for SALE! (unpainted)

Well, I am selling my unpainted Lizardmen army, mostly on sprue. Here we go:

16x Saurus on Sprue (35$)
11x Saurus partially assembled (~22$)
18x Temple Guard partially assembled (~48$)
12x skinks on sprue (~16$)
6x skinks assembled (~8$)
1 Skink Shaman (11$)
8x Cold One Calvary on sprue (35$)
Army Book (25$)
Slann Mage Priest in box (42$)

Its about a 240$ value new, im willing to sell at a decent price OR trade for marines/blood angels...

Leave a comment or email me at ultravulkan at gmail.com


Friday, September 25, 2009

Painting Checkers Pattern

One of my favorite looks that I come across on well painted models often includes a checker pattern somewhere along the way.

As you can see, I like to think Ive done well with it. It actually takes a little practice, but even more time compared to most other painting challenges. While its technically not that complicated, it requires a steady hand and the willingness to try, try again.

Step 1:
I like to actually choose a flat surface if I can. If I cant (like on my orks - see pics above), ill choose a surface that at least doesn't have any major protrusions. Ill then actually draw a grid with a mechanical pencil with sharp graphite. I prefer to make the grid smaller rather than larger.

Step 2:
Paint in the squares with a slightly thinned out white, the thinning of the paint allow for it to be applied a little more easily, important here. This will also require a very fine paint brush.

Step 3:
Youll likely make some mistakes, in which youll have to clean up with black paint. This process may happen more than once.

Step 4:
Finally, I like to pain little "L" shaped white highlight in the black checkers, it adds a little highlight (apply to opposite corners, so each black check has 2 small "L" shapes following the square shape) . Im sure you have seen this before, but it really adds a lot in my opinion.

Step 5:
Practice. Go give it a try, it will likely require some practice, and this will need more time than youd expect, but it adds alot!

Next time, my method for painting power weapons (see lightning claw blades below):

I see that people prefer to see more about painting the SMs than the orks...


Monday, September 21, 2009

The Pincer Maneuver

Well, the pincer maneuver is one I hope to soon begin exercising with my 1500 point raven guard.

With the drop pod dreadnought, command squad in razorback and infiltrating assault terminators led by Shrike, that should provide just the distraction I need to keep the enemy at bay. As I do this, I hope to fly down the flanks with the two 6 man assault squads led by a power fist sergeant (again, Shrike grants them fleet, so they have a threat rage of 24"). Im very interested to see how this tactic works out. I know there are some armies (such as Orks) that will give my strategy a run for its money. In the case of a mech-ork army, ill have to play a much different style (pop the transports, assault the boys).

Now, while this strategy sounds good, ill have to see how it will actually work on the battlefield. Ill report back!

As for playing games, I played for the first time in about two or more months last week with a store army. I pulled of a tie with a marine army against a nasty eldar force.
I ask you this, how would you beat the army I was facing? Lucky it was the game type with 2 objectives, otherwise I would have gotten creamed (if it were annihilation I think I would have lost 8 to 1 or 2).

-a boat load of wraith guard with their stupid strenght x guns (which took out my land raider in a blink - it never fired a shot)
- 3 squads of 3 war walkers, each with 7 strength 6 shots (I dont know how they were equipped, but it was a wicked shooty), meaning each squad had 21 or so strength 6 shots. thats 63 s6 shots!
-an avatar
-striking scorpions
-jet bikes
yadda yadda yadda

No matter what I did, I just got shot up like something fierce. I couldnt get close enough to assault, and then I was just about there, in came the avatar to tie thing up or wipe them clean.

Build me a marine army to beat the force above! I was thinking drop pod dreadnoughts or deep striking speeders, and just a lot of marines to concentrate on the objectives. It only had 2 scoring units, which was its one weakness, which I think will prevent it from wining alot of objective based games.


Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, for those of you who do follow my blog and leave feedback, I thank you. While I like to think I know what Im doing, the reality is I spend about 85% of my time painting, modeling, and meta gaming as opposed to playing.

What often happens is ill concoct strategies, list and modeling schemes that have flaws in them (unbeknown to me). Last post for example, someone left a comment that razorbacks don't have firing points. Well, a minor detail I didn't catch!

Be forewarned, I think I have great ideas (read the Dreadnought tactica), however always double check my strategies, as they may be flawed. Thats just one benefit about sharing my ideas however, you all get to battle test them for me or have ways to better improve upon my thinking.

Well, im getting closer to a fully painted army, and then its time to punch in.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Command Squad - needs it

I began writing my Shrike vs Vulkan bit, and begin rating on the command squad, so I decided to bench the Shrike v Vulkan till next time... Here is where I went:

"Now for Shrike, or should I say Captain Shrike. Using the captain, your granted the ability to use the space marine Command Squad (which is given fleet!), Using this squad in a razorback is my favorite unit in the codex. As I run it, I have:
A razorback with twin linked heavy bolter
A Company Champion with 4 power weapon attacks on the charge with WS 5
A Veteran with 3 lightning claw attacks on the charge (re-roll wounds)
A Veteran with a melta gun to shoot that transport (out of the razorback if I can)
A Veteran with 4 attacks on the charge (chain sword)
And an Apothecary, who grants the unit feel no pain! I get a 3+ save, which if I fail, then get a 4+ re-roll save. This unit is so diverse, and it kills most anything it touches - all for the low price of below 200 points. This unit shreds any other marine squad it comes near (and therefore, just about anything else).

Now placing them in the razorback gives them a degree of protection from incoming fire, and allows them to get 12" out, then assault out next turn with (with fleet from shrike) a possible 18". This works well with my force well, as my opponent is typically concentrating on the dreadnought in the drop pod, and the infiltrating assault terminators with shrike, and 2x assault marine squads with fleet (possible 24" threat range) rushing up the flanks.

Now why not buy just another terminator squad for 200 points? Well, for that very reason I explained just above. This unit is so versatile, its perfect for any occasion. My favorite use? Pop that enemy transport from within the razorback with the melta gun then assault the troops within the next turn... Thats before shooting it with the heavy bolter. Also, your opponent wont call it cheese like they will assault termies!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Painting & Football

Well, my Raven Claw sub-division of the Raven Guard is progressing along. I finished painting the 2x tactical squad (-3 AoBR Marines, which can be assembled and taken apart for painting later easily) along with the dreadnought "Cidius".

I often find that Im no longer able to sit down for hours at a time and paint away as I did my first army. Usually Ill paint in 2 or 3 1/2 hour stints on the weekends and a 1/2 a night during the week (along with the fact work is rather intense at them moment).

Now, with the NFL season underway, once the weather turns and the fall season is upon us, I think ill be able to paint away for a good hour or two because ill have the game(s) on in the background.

What ancillary activity do you like to do partake in while painting? For me, listening/watching the game is numero uno.

Next up in the painting queue:
The Razorback and Command Squad

Next up in the posting queue:
My thoughts on Shrike vs Vulkan, and why I chose Shrike (as the two most notable SM characters, maybe with Khan in there).

See my army progress spreadsheet in the previous post to see my progress.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Raven Guard - Shock and Awe

As you can see, Im making slow (but steady) progress on the Raven Claw - a raven guard 3rd company 1500 point squad. I just finished the second of my sergeants on resin base. Well, for those of you who are new to the blog, Ive decided to build the following raven guard list (see below).

So why the raven guard you ask (over the salamanders lets say)? Well, I think the build I have below is a very strong shock and awe force . Shrike infiltrating with the Assault Terminators who get fleet, with a MM/HF Dreadnought in drop pod slamming into the front lines with two assault squads flying down the flanks (again with fleet), and a command squad ripping across in a razorback. I just love the image. How can you not...

So, for all of you expert 40k players out there, let me know how I can make this list even stronger. I have everything here listed, and not a marine more. Im think of throwing out the rhino and going with a scout squad for another scoring unit, but I want to hear the opinion of those who follow by blog.

  • Captain Shrike
  • Command Squad - 2x Combi Melta, Company Champion, Power Sword, Razorback
  • TH/SS Terminators (led by shrike)
  • 2x 6x man Assault Squads, Power Fists in both
  • 2x 10x man Tactical Squads, Melta/Flamer & Rockets. 1 Power Fist, 1 Power Sword/Combi Melta & Melta Bomb
  • Dreadnought with MM, H. Flamer in Drop Pod
  • Predator with Autocannon/H. Bolters


Monday, September 7, 2009

Product Review: P3 Primer (vs GW)

After refusing to pay the $15 price tag for the GW Black Primer, I decided to give the $10 Privateer Press P3 primer a try. At 2/3s the cost, I wasnt sure what to expect. After working with it on multiple occasions, I will be making the switch. I am ALMOST as satisfied with the P3 primer vs. the GW primer that the switch is worth the $5 savings.

PROS: $5 Cheaper; provides a nice, smooth matte black finish; sprays nozzle is made to spray figures at about 8 inches away; seems to be more in paint in spray can (I didn't check the fl ozs.)

CONS: Much more of a liquid than a powder like the GW primer; takes 10x time to dry... GW primer seems to be dry by the time you've painted the model and go to pick it up, not so with P3; Needs Multiple Coats compared to GW

Despite my concerns about the liquid consistency of the product, it does dry thin and leaves the level of detail Im expecting from a good primer (even after needing more than 1 coat as it will require). If i were attempting to paint a forge world model or a model for a golden demon, I would stick with GW primer. Otherwise, you'll save a good $1o or so with the P3 primer for painting a 2000 point army.

Now, I want to give the $5 Krylon a try, as I heard that IS as good as the GW primer for $10 less...

As for P3 paint vs GW paint, that will come later...


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rending Power Weapons - Why? Well...

"So, someone please help me through this as im either missing something or found something which doesnt make a ton of sense. As my army (1500 pt) will be led by Shrike, I was reading he has master crafted lightning claws (2x) with rending. Great, I get to re-roll a missed hit and wound(s). His lightning claws however also have the rending ability. As I began to think about this, what does that really matter? Lightning claws are already power weapons, so you arent conferred a save from then anyways (which is what rending does, blocks a save). Now, rending also give an extra d3 armor pen, but who cares, he is S4 (not going to get into that rear armor value of 10 anyway). The only case I can see it really having ANY value is if I attack something with Toughness >7, which a 6 will still wound (when normally S4 cant wound T8).

Am I missing anything?"

Well, it seems like I DID miss something.

I was thinking over the issue (along with some help from dakka dakka and the dice like thunder forums) and yes, Shrike basically gets a guaranteed pen hit on a av 10 with a re-roll to hit, re-rolls to wound (I simply forgot how armor pen works, duh)... Now my next question im looking into, If he infiltrates with my TH/SS assault termies, and lets say im forced to start 18 inches away, is it worth letting him run out on his out with his possible 19-24 inch assault range and let him jump on those Leman Russ tanks himself... I only say this because the terminators threat range is anywhere from 13 to 18 inches, so they may not get the coveted first round assault (if I can hide them, I can infiltrate 12 inches away), but they still benefit from infiltrate.

Thanks for helping shake the rust off, its been a while since Ive actually played the game given im building the RG and Ork Boys armies. I hate to play with unpainted models and painting assembled models is a pain anyway. Lastly, what the heck are those tiger claws in the picture I attacked, seems like a rather nasty ninja weapon or something along those lines.

Correction - Shrike doesnt get to re-roll against vehicles, since he isnt rolling to wound. Thanks for the comment DezartFox.

Correction #2 - Apparently, there is a heavily heated debate on whether Shrike can infiltrate with a non-infiltrating unit. It sounds like RAW says no, however RAI or the GT faqs ruling say yes. I think he can, however it sounds like until the FAQs address this its up in the air... Leave your comment! And please please dont go into rule rundowns, there is plenty of that here: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3841122


Dont forgot about da Boyz

Well, I haven't forgotten about the first army this blog WAS dedicated to, Da Boyz... They are on temporary hiatus until I finish and master the RG army im now painting. Probably about 2 weeks after I began painting the RG army, I heard of the proposed Blood Angels codex for next year, which is basically the style army im going for. Im still glad I stuck with the RG, as I think I could accomplish what I wanted to with the Blood Angels even better with the Orks. If you going to go out assault, you might as well go with the best (though, who knows with the 2010 Jan Tyranid codex im hearing about too).

This is where I left off with the da boyz (click for larger image):

What I do want to know, if I was to post a HOW TO paint section, would you want it to be on the orks or the RG? Personally, I think my ork boyz look amazing (as do MY RG, but something about the boyz just stand out amazingly in my humble opinion). Cast you vote!

Also , for those of you who wish to support my blog, click on the links on the top or the side, a good 40-50 cents a click. Support your online GW retailers and always pay where you play too!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dreadnought Tactica: Part II

As you can see, I finished "Cidius", a Diablo class assault dreadnought of the Raven Claw. Armed with my "Diablo" load out, a Heavy flamer & CC arm and Multi Melta. This walker will also ride into battle in his own personal drop pod armed with a storm bolter.

I seemed to get a lot of interest in my last posting on the effectiveness of the dreadnought (even though none of you left a comment!). So I decided to try and go even deeper...

Picking up where I left off, the dreadnought is a strike weapon, which must pick its target, not get picked. If this thing gets into a fist fight with terminators, a greater daemon, or any old ork nob with a klaw, you have yourself a 115 point piece or terrain because it is toast. This is why I like arming the dreadnought with drop pod. I can surgically strike just about anywhere I like with the drop pod rules. If that fire prism or battle wagon I wanted to destroy is loaded with power klaws nobs or near fire warriors in a wave serpent, I best rethink my move. Go after the wave serpent on the other side of the board filled with the dire avengers or that rhino full of marines with a power sword and flamer (a free 200 point lunch if you can get into assault...).

Mobility is really key for the dreadnought, as it does need to pick its target of choice. I love getting it into battle with howling banshees or khorne beserkers (beware the power fist), as im tearing apart that expensive unit which is a major threat to my scoring units -marines (nothing is worse than getting hammered by howling banshees or anything with loads of power weapons). In a raven guard army, I have that luxury as everything I field gets fleet (move, run, & assault in 1 phase).

Personally, I dont know if I would play with a dreadnought as a Marine player without either being a raven guard or salamander army (Vulkan of the Salamanders = twin linked flamer and meltas, very very siiick). I dont think if offers the value without being upgrading by one of the marine special characters.

Additionally, I was able to paint the Raven Guard logo first try with ease! Its actually easier than it seemed, just required a steady hand and a little extra white/black background paint to correct mistakes.

CORRECTION - Dreadnoughts dont have chapter tactics, therefore wont gain the fleet rule. Dang! Hopefully it wont need it with the drop pod. Thanks Grey Knight Luke from Dakka Dakka

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