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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Predator : Freehand

Meet the Ravens Claw - a Destructor pattern Predator.

So, it has been about a week since I have been able to make it online to post, but that doesnt mean I havent been busy. I was on vacation, and decided to take home some paint, brushes, and the predator "destructor" pattern tank (Autocanon and Heavy Bolters). For whatever reason, I never see this tank being used by anyone other than me. As a raven guard player, I naturally try to avoid any heavy tanks such as land raiders (I dont need them with shrike (infiltrate & fleet on my terminators) anyway). I just dont ever see anyone using the land raider get their points back from it, other than driving in to drop off the assault terminators. Dont get me wrong, they are awesome machines, but just not for me. As I was saying, the predator destructor is a very viable option for taking down just about any troop in the game (2x s7, 6x s5, 2x s4 shots for 95 points (by adding a storm bolter) with front armor 13). While this never poses the same threat as the vindicator, it also doesnt turn into an automatic fire magnet or 115 point terrain piece with a weapon destroyed result. Im thinking in large games over 1500 points, I may just run 2 or 3 Predators in this same pattern. I hope to finish up this tank within the week, then move onto the drop pod.

I wonder if this tank will be more prevalent with the release of the new Nids codex? I know I just needed some more ranged firepower to bring down some of those space wolves ill be seeing out there, given they have more attacks defending than I do on the assault... While its not the best option for taking out marines, 2 or 3 of them will provide ample fire power AND ill be ready for the bugs.

Another Pic:

What do you all think of the free hand wings and checker pattern? I have more work to do on it, but do like where im going...


Thursday, November 19, 2009

How To: Blending for Blood Angels

So, with all the rumors about Blood Angels coming out in March/April of 2010, I have to say Im excited to see what comes with the codex... As a new Raven Guard player, I have to say i'm also a bit "concerned" as to what I may see in the new codex if it does come out. By concerned, I mean that I will want what the army offers over what im able to squeeze out of the Raven Guard. However, lets stop with the speculation. With the painting of my assault squad, I did proceed to do some blending/dry brushing... I still think my Ork Drybursh work is my best work yet, but lets see how it goes with the assault squad.

My Orks - still love the way they look

Started out with Gore Red from GW. As you can see, it goes on really really thin...

Once dried, I did some dry burshing with P3s "Skorne Red" paint. This is a much thicker paint than GWs gore red.

I then applied a decent coating of Black Wash and let it dry.

I finally grabbed another P3 paint, Khador Red Base to use for highlights. Given this is a base paint, its very thin so one much layer it on carefully.

The Paint pots themselves

And the final product. Ill soon be fielding 2x squads of these marines. Notice the checker pattern on the chain sword and the jump pack. I think it adds so much to the models.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Power Weapons in Tactical Squads - Point Sink?

As I retool my list, I found away to get in a 5th troop choice into a 1500 points list (a squad of bolter scouts with heavy bolter). Now, this took some sacrifices, but I think it will be worth it. After getting in a few games of 40K again, Ive begun to question the value of power weapons on tactical squads. While I do combat squad my tactical marines in objectives games, and even in some kill point missions, I found im not utilizing the power weapons effectively to make it worth the points cost (a p.w. and p.f. for 40 points between the two tactical squads). The job of my tactical marines arent to assault the enemy, its to grab and hold objectives (and shoot from those objectives)... I have two assault squads (with power fist), assault terminators, a dreadnought, Shrike and the command squad to do that job. By Dropping both assault squads down to 5 man squads, dropping the power weapons from the tactical squads, and dropping a power weapon from the command squad, I got in the scout squad. This gives me 5 scoring units, which I think is going to be key in 2/3rds the missions I play. By having so many, Im forcing my opponent to choose their fire priority wisely. If they go after my scoring units, ill hammer them with my assault units. Go after my assault units, well then Ill win with my scoring units. I really think this will work out well, and ill report back with the outcomes. Otherwise, I plan on maxing out the assault squads as much as I can.

Also, the WINNER of the Horus Novel give away of Horus Rising is "Peter". Congrats Peter! Ill have to get your address info via email.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Horus Novel Giveaway - Follow the blog!

Im so very close to having 25 followers, and once I do, ill be giving away the Horus Rising novel to one of you! I know I can get just more more followers, so come on and join the fun. And once I get 40 users, away will ship book two of the series, "False Gods".

I will even ship out the novels for free, so you have nothing to lose. Just a little something to pass on to the 40K community. I often fins this hobby as a great escape - whether it be modeling, playing or metagaming. Everyone needs something which allows them to unplug and unwind. Just a little thank you to all those who participate in the fun...

I did finish"False Gods", and am about a quarter way through "Galaxy in Flames". The one thing I didnt like about False Gods (Not a Spoiler) is the way in which Horus fell to betray the empire. It seemed like it occurred in a flick of a switch to me. I wish it was a little more drawn out, in particular his experiences in the temple on Davin. How can a Primarch who was loyal for centuries turn so quickly... Other than that, as I stated before, the novels are extremely captivating and well written. I hadnt read a fictional novel in about a 5 years before this series, and nwe I plan on chewing my way through the black library books. Once I do, one of you will be the lucky winners of that novel.

What are your thoughts on the series?
Is it true that you dont have to follow the books in any specific order after Flight of the Eisenstein?


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Assault Marine Painting Progress

So, as I've reached my 1000 point benchmark, Ive continue onward and upward. What I have left to paint is the following:

-Drop Pod
-10x assault marines

Again, im back with the check pattern on the chain swords too. See my blog post on checker
pattern painting:



Monday, November 2, 2009

How To: Great Basing made easy (cheaply)

So, while I love the look of solid resin bases, Im not going to pump out 3-4$ a base for my 40+ model Raven Guard, let alone my 100+ model Ork army... (only my sergeants and veterans deserve such treatment)

So, I got my basing down rock solid in my opinion, and people seem to love it. So, as I promised to begin my "how to" tutorials on painting my RG, I will begin with basing. So what products did I use?

I begin with GaleForce Nine basing material. For about $12, youll have enough materials to base 10+ armies... Get the Basing Grit: Fine Grit, Static Grass: Green, and Flock Blend: Dark Conifer. I found these three make a great base and contrast as seen above. Split the materials with your friends, youll have more than you can use with just 1 container of each.

Then apply some good old flavorful Elmers Glue. DO NOT spend $118 on games workshop PV glue or whatever they call it.

I actually apply the glue with an old fine paint brush which I copped the bristles down about 2/3rds.

Stick the model over the basing container, and grab a handful or fine rock base and sprinkle it over the glue. Apply liberally and let dry. Next step is to do the SAME THING, but with the green grass, leaving some rock exposed for layering. Finally, after letting the grass dry down, glob some glue down and apply the dark conifer flocking. This will look like a small patch of weeds or grass that again adds another layer... Give this a try, I think you'll get a lot of complements as I have on how great the bases look (and for about 5 cents each... really).


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Must Have Unit : Ork Lootas

Well, in response to the question of what is the MUST have unit for any army, I decided to respond as the Ork general in me (I figured a million other SM players would be giving their opinion - fyi by must have marine unit is the assault marine with power fist sergeant).

In the ever present Mech build that is all to common in todays 5th edition scene, the Orks have their biggest defect exposed. Their lack of "reliable" anti (light) armor units become a problem. Sure, tank bustas are OK, but I never see them being used, and never use them myself. The flaw is they need to get up nice and friendly to be most effective, and thats not all that good with a 6+ save. So, enter the Lootas (in cover for a 4+ save). With a unit of 8, you have the potential to pump out 24 S7 shots. Even if only 8 hit, your taking out a transport a turn. Assume we get 16 shots off - 6 hit lets say - then 2 should penetrate and 1 glances. You should have yourself a blowed up rhino. I take a sqaud of 10 in most every game I play, just for what I described. Taking out transports IS the most vital tactic any ork general must abide by. Exposing the nice warm units inside the transport makes them ripe for a 2nd turn WAAAGH assault, which is of course the bread and butter of da boyz.

Also, I have a nice Horus Rising AND False Gods lack library book im awaiting to give away. Just need to get that 25th follower for Horus Rising! Trust me, its worth putting up with my post to get a free copy :-) (again, giving away my horus heresy series novels to my trust followers - need 25 to give away Horus Rising (which was an awesome read)).

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