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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who is you favorite model painter/inspiration?

While ive made it rather clear that my personal inspiration/who I draw my ideas from is Jawaballs (simply google him), I would like to see whos work you enjoy? Leave a comment

Some others work I look to for drive:



awesome painter - in particular he/she may have the best painted terminators ive seen, in particular the raven guard and blood angel terminators

Goatboys stuff - http://goatboy40k.blogspot.com/

Not the best detail painting youll see, but usually very well connected and probably awesome looking on the tabletop

Jawaballs - http://warhammer40kbloodangels.blogspot.com/

My personal favorite, and someone I look to mimic in painting my BA army (though I never looked over his how to tutorials, the look and feel is similar)

Tau - http://warhammer-tau-army.blogspot.com/

Awesome looking Tau army, so crisps and clean...

Leave your favorite, i would like to know...


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How To: Make Combi Meltas

So, this technique is by no means my own, as I believe I got it off a Dakka Dakka thread. However, this is my implementation of that method, and one which I think is a win...

I for one, think the combi melta is a must have for every sergeant. By having a melta/combi melta in a tactical squad, you double your chances of getting that one melta shot that matters. Most people hate the fact its a single shot, but think about it, you only really ever get the chance to get that one melta shot you need each game.

So, upon closer inspection, youll see how I crafted this. I stripped the top of a bolter off (the sight rails), and basically cut the melta gun right below the ammo tank (painted red here) on the melta gun. I also cut off the melta barrel and glued it a little above the bolter barrel. The trickiest part was actually behind the melta "ammo tank". To make it actual look cohesive, I had to glue on another triangular bolter gun "butt" (again, its right behind the red melta ammo tank). The gun is a little larger than a combi melta from GW, but not really all that noticeable. I like the way this turned out.

Next, the Combi Plasma:

I like the look of this one just as much, however I think I need to do something so the ammo clip isnt sticking out of the plasma chamber. I have an idea....


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beer & Painting

So, I figured I would do a quick post of something which I truly enjoy. Painting away on the Blood Angels while sipping on a refreshing brewsky. Since moving to the midwest, I have settled on a single beer which Im totally dedicated too.

Spotted Cow... It probably not the eastiest beer to get outside them midwest, but its an amazing brew. Its similar to a Goose Island 312 (or to a lesser degree a Blue Moon), but being an unfiltered beer, it carries with it a strong flavor and a almost hearty quality to it which allows me to drink it every weekend without thinking twice. Its the only beer I have probably had in the past 2 or 3 years (unless it wasn't available). I happened to see a post on another blog talking about beer, so I figured I would give my brew of choice a shout out.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

The list I cannot beat!

So, I was on a bit of a roll as of late, getting in a few games and getting a good chunk of victories. Then comes the list which I cant ever, ever seem to beat with my list... I used the 1500 point list I described below (Khan led), and faced up against the wall of walkers... 9 eldar war walkers, 6 of them pumping out 8 S6 shots each, and 3 with missile launchers and lances, an avatar, a farseer and some "other things". Not only is 48 S6 shots a turn impossible to defend against, but they get to reroll their misses with guide casted on them with the farseer.

It was spearhead deployment, kill points, and he got to go first. Lets just say after the first round of shooting, I had lost all my transports and footslogging it would turn out to be a very painful option. Im not really sure what tactic I could have used against this list, however Ill be pondering the next few days... Ever step forward I took, he took one step back, all while firing a wall of shots at me. Fell free to chime in (granted, im not looking for an army list to beat this one, as I cant craft that, but how can I beat this list with MY list...)

Lastly, take a look at the poll to the right. As I stated last time, I was really surprised at the distribution of folks favorite SM chapter. All the love is going to the Black Templar's and Blood Angels, with a few other Raven Guard fans out there too.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Why i like painting Blood Angels

The Blood Angels, the IXth Legion marines under Dante, the Sons of Sanguinius. Well, as you can see I continue to paint away on my blood angels army. I wont go into any of the rumors, as you can read those at Bell of Lost Souls, however from what I have read thus far, I like.

First up, a tactical squad led by my favorite sergeant. I believe this one is from the Mk I veterans box set. I got it off ebay for about 8$ with shipping, and thought he isnt yet fully painted, I like the robed look...

Next up is the legions finest assault marines. Led by a vanguard veteran with power first, this squad is ready to tackle any oncoming force. And if the rumors are true, they may just be attack at S5/I5 (furious charge).

And last but not least, every ones favorite assault ship, the drop pod. This is being prepared to house a death company furioso dreadnought...

Why do I like painting Blood Angels? As Ive said it before, when painting the raven guard, I missed being able to blend paint and colors. Black with white highlights is sooo boring to paint, and very hard to paint well. More to come.

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