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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Storm Boyz - Da orkpocalypse

So, with taking a small break from painting my black raven guard space marines, I dusted off the Ork codex and began picking up some more boyz (got another box of boys of ebay for 12$, free shipping. PCMac51, your the best seller out there. Remember, always pay where your play too though!). So, as im still thinking of my next Ork list, I realized the stormboyz are better than they first appear. They essentially have FLEET! Yes, if they roll a one they take a wound, but otherwise they move forward a D6 inches. For 12 points, you get a unit of 5 boyz pumping out 20 attacks on the charge for 60 points... Better yet, throw in that Nob with Power Klaw and you have your anti armor unit us Ork players are always looking for. Follow it up with a battle wagon with 4 big shootas and 20 boyz (2 more big shootas) and you have yourself 50+ shots smashing that unit which was just inside the transport. Not bad at all...

I rarely play ork players, and when I do, I never see storm boyz. I think they are going to make a nice addition to my army. Storm Boyz, Deff Kopters, Bikes and Trukks, my kind of ork army - Da Orkpocalypse...


Monday, October 26, 2009

1000 point painted!

Well, about in the home stretch now... Just 12 assault marines, a predator, a drop pod and Shrike left to paint. So, that's still a lot.

But here are some pictures of the 1st 1000 points of my 1500 point army. Im still awaiting some feedback from my last few post on what the last 350 points should be.

I have to say, after painting the ravenguard, I miss being able to drybrush orks. Painting these models was a 180 degree turn after starting on the boyz. There is no dry brushing gray on black, its all highlights.

Well, this project has taken me about 3 months or regular painting, but there was many a nights without me picking up a paintbrush. Soon ill be able to play with this army, finallllly!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is my Army that good?

So, without actually playing a game with the raven guard yet, im constantly trying to tweak my army list and maximize its potential based on my playing style... As I have more followers now, I decided to repost my list and see what feedback you have. After each of the units below, I list what my intent is with the unit.

  • Captain Shrike - Infiltrate with TH/SS Terminators, Assault round 1 if soft target is avaliable OR I need to hold down a shooty unit (wraith guard, emperors children, fire warriors), otherwise stay with terminators.
  • Command Squad - 2x Combi Melta, Company Champion, Power Sword, Razorback - Rush forward and assault elite any units, assault units; otherwise use meltagun on tank (dont shoot transport, only to get assaulted next turn).
  • TH/SS Terminators (led by shrike) - Act as the hammer, draw fire, assault any armor or transports (they have fleet from shrike and are already infiltrating).
  • 2x 6x man Assault Squads, Power Fists in both - Run in tandem, If one squad assaults transport, other squad assaults units that were in the transport is needed. Otherwise, assault scoring units (possible 24" assault range with fleet). Contest enemy objectives.
  • 2x 10x man Tactical Squads, Melta/Flamer & Rockets. 1 Power Fist, 1 Power Sword/Combi Melta & Melta Bomb - Combat squad on non kill point missions, concentrate missiles on transports and other 5 man squads on going after objectives.
  • Dreadnought with MM, H. Flamer in Drop Pod - Drop in turn 1 and take out enemy transports or template dropping armor, otherwise flamer troop/scoring unit.
  • Predator with Autocannon/H. Bolters - Provide cover for moving tactical squads, assault cannon on transports turn 1, lay down fire on hordes or troops, act as fire magnet.
Do your best...


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Follow my Blog = Win Horus Heresy Books

So, Ive decided to give away my Horus Heresy novels to my trusted followers. So, become a follower of my blog, and you have a chance to win the Horus Rising! Free Shipping and all.

I need at least 25 followers to give away the novel, and then once Im finished with False Gods, Ill give that away to another random follower. Again, I read it in about in 2.5 weeks, but you could do it in a few days, it is that interesting... Just Started False Gods this week.

As for this little novel being release in about a year from now, its going to be the first novel (that im aware of) thats dedicated to the RAVEN GUARD!

Cover Art looks Awesome too...


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Assault Termies - Finished!

Well, Ive finished my assault terminator squad, and Im pleased at how they turned out. I have a little highlighting to do on the sergeants face, but other than that they are done...

I actually built these assault termies on resin bases rather cheap. First, I used assault on black reach terminators (since I had a set). I got the Thunder Hammer / Storm Shields (TH/SS) of ebay along with shoulder pads (black templar pads which I shaved off the emblems) for about $20.

I also went with Dark Age resin bases (mosaic pattern) and added some flock grass to the bottom. Again, got these off ebay for about a dollar each (normally these things go for 3 or 4 $ each).

So, with a little extra work and time, you too can build out yourself a nice look terminator assault squad and save a few bucks.


Additionally, I began reading the Horus Heresy novels. For someone who rarely reads fiction, I have to say It got my attention and I very much so enjoyed it. I highly recommend picking it up. I was never one who wanted to become a fluff nut, but its just plain good fiction from the 40K universe.

I was thinking, that maybe once I reach 25 followers, one of you will win the first Horus Heresy novel, ill ship it to you and all. I just picked up the second book over the weekend. Lets see if I can hammer that one out in two weeks. Maybe ill give that away once I get 50 followers!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Raven Guard w./ Sisters of Battle???

Well, as I continue to try and determine how to expand my 1500 point list to a solid 1850 tournament list, im looking at all my options. Im thinking the addition of a thunder fire cannon may do just fine to help me thin out those hordes or foot slogging guard, or maybe even the new wolves (and upcoming Tyranids! why do I never see anyone playing with one? Answer me that readers, I would actually like to know). I know its vunerable, but with my list, hopefully I throw enough in your face to keep you occupied off the cannon for 3 or so turns (see army list below in previous post).

Well, if I do add in the cannon, it leaves me with 250 points. I really wondering if it would be worth it to throw in a squad of sisters (at 11 point WS 4, 3+ save). Im concerned my current list is really centered around assaulting. I think thats great for facing 75% of the list out there, but I do want more options for taking out the new wolves at range that I know im going to be seeing. Unfortunately, the damn wolves have as many attacks on the defense as I do with my assault marines on the charge... I need to take them out at 12 inches away or more. Plus, I can get 2 melta guns in a rhino for taking out those mech lists.

Any of you ever ally in a witch or daemon hunter? I know the list that won 'ard boys was a guard list with a daemon hunter HQ. He had some pretty mean combos in there, I suggest you ready over his list if you will (I think they refer to it as the leafblower on BoLS).


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who Needs Blood Angels, I got Boyz

Well, the rumor mill is turning, and it appears that after the new Tyranid codex comes out in January, the Blood Angels are due next in March... I for one was originally excited for the blood angel codex, because thats the army I wanted to build... As you can all see, I became impatient and the Raven Guard Ive come to love were born.

Now, for the new Blood Angels codex, Im actually going to be slightly disappointed if thats whats delivered in March. I for one would like to see a consolidated 'angels of death codex', a split blood angels/dark angel codex. We dont need yet another marine codex (with the recent release of the space wolves)! I think this would be a win/win. Those poor Dark Angel players who dont have gear options in their codex well get an update, while the blood angels players will be glad to have something which is published outside a White Dwarf. Do you all agree?

I really would like to see other codexes get updated before another marine codex. Give me a new Dark Eldar or Necron (they of all races need it the most) codex. Im getting sick of seeing marine player after marine player on the table tops (guilty as charged) . Weve had 3 consecutive "good guy" codexes released in a row, give something to the bad guys (are Necrons really bad, I guess it depends who you ask).

Now, even if a Blood Angels codex were release, I feel my Raven Guard are close enough of a play style, that I would still proceed with my Ork Army. Something about the orks keeps drawing me back to them (other than it will take me 6 months to paint that army, thought I have a small head start (see pics above)).

I just sold of my Lizardmen (which I spent months painting and never played a game with) so I have enough $ to spend on getting my boyz up to 1750 points or so. Something about the fantasy fluff just didnt capture me, I wouldnt get into it. I began reading the Horus Heresy books and I was sold that 40k was the only game for me.

Next Post - back to my Shrike vs Vulkan argument from a few post ago... Vote for which 5th ed codex is the most overpowered! My vote still goes to those IG bastards.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Space Wolves = Cry, maybe

After spending a solid two months painting out my Raven Guard army (about 2/3rds done), Im rather upset. My intent was to build a very fast, assault style space marines army. I decided to go with the Raven Guard as I like the background, and thought Shrike was the best HQ choice to build my themed army.

Well, as it turns out, I was dumb for not waiting for the new Space Wolves codex. With there troop choices being cheaper than mine, having counter assault, and bolters with ccw and bolt pistols, im rather upset...

The Blood claws get 4 attacks on the charge with counter assault, and Grey hunters get 3 attacks on the charge or the defense!

Well, maybe im being a little dramatic, and no, im not giving up on my Raven Guard. I do think the space wolves are slightly overpowered, however I dont fully understand that codex.

For Grey Hunters to take a rhino, they need to add an elite character and drop their second special weapon? The Long Fans... how do they work? 1-5 but all have to take a heavy weapon?

Post your comments, and Im looking for any suggestions on how I take down those SW players I cant out assault (with my "assaulty" raven guard)... Im thinking im going to have to bring in a thunder-fire cannon... a viable option?

Im also going to be picking back up my orks after I get through the SMs, and I have a feeling my orks will do just fine against these space wolves.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Assault Terminators vs Space Wolves

Well, im a little over half way through painting my assault terminators... I actually spent time painting them today at the local GW store, and of course I spent some time assessing the new Space Wolves codex.
Damn, while I dont think the wolves are as powerful as the new IG, they still have some sick units.
One advantage still in the SM codex is the assault terminators. You can kit out space wolf terminators in the same gear, but not for 40 points a pop like in the SM codex.

The one unit i fear the most are the blood claws, with 4 attacks on the charge (+2 attacks on the charge). While they are only WS 3, they still hit a marine on a 4+ (not a 5+).

Anyway, here is my latest SM Assault terminator, ill have a pic of the unit up once completed (again, over 50% complete now).

NEW POLL Question: Which 5th Ed codex is the strongest??? Orks, SM, IG or Space Wolves. My vote still is in going toward the IG...

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