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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Distraction - Building a Raven Guard Army...

Well, I decided that im going to be building 2 armies at the same time. While im going to continue with da boyz, I realized this army is going to take me a long, long time to paint and build (well, really just paint). So, I decided to take my 1500 point space marine (painted ultramarines army) and simpled greened some of it.

I sold off the Rhino, Vindicator, Terminators, Scouts and Telion, along with 10x marines. I will probably sell of the remainder of my well painted stuff, but I stripped down about 1/2 my army. I decided to go with an army I dont see often, the Raven Guard.

Im thinking of running is with a couple of tactical squads, a couple of assault sqauds, command squad in razorback, etc etc etc all led by Shrike.

Anyone who wants any tips about stripping down plastic/metal models with simple green, leave a comment. All I can say is it WORKS! Some colors are easier to strip than others however.


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