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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Adepticon or bust... And selling my Ultramarines!

Well, I set myself up to attempt to finish my 1500 point boyz army by Adepticon 2010. As you can see by my army/painting lists, I have a long way to go... While I know I have till end of March 2010, as I stated early, im really try to paint at a high level. I qill continue to posts updates as I paint da boyz, but for now Im working my way through the black reach set.

Whats to buy next? Well, im now selling my 5h ed space marine army on ebay, bit by bit. I picked up the ork codex, but I have no idea YET how to build an ork list.

Have a gander (I built this last August-Dec).
Vindicator - I think its got some great free hand paint:



I hope not to have to shamelessly plug my ebay items going forward, but I have actually had a hard time selling/trading them...

I have a bunch of other SMs, want to trade for unpainted orks you say? Leave a comment!


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