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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

To Mass Paint or not to Mass Paint

As you can see from my limited photo album, I finished my first to boyz! I picked a an Assault on Black Reach Ork set off ebay for $22 as a starter. Im really trying to paint at a 'eavy metal (white dwarf) level (a notch down from golden demon). I think im actually getting close, it only took my 1 year, 3 armies later, and a fair amount of money in supplies. I have to say though, even though Orks are the ideal army to mass paint, I just dont think I can achieve the quality im going for by doing the mass painting airbursh thing. I did decide the paint in patches however, so Im in the process of finishing up a set of Ork arms now. Once this is done, its one to the boys they are going to be attached to. I painted the first two ork boyz in the Goffs paint scheme, and im thinking of sticking with it.


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