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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tactica - Raven Guard

So, as I proceed with building the Ravens Claw - A Raven Guard 3rd Company combat division, I realized Im basically trying to build a Blood Angels-esque style army (which I think is very Raven Guard like). A lot of assault fast moving, fast attacking "assaulty" marines. I have very little armor in my 1500 point build, which I think will throw a lot of people off these days who go so heavy on the anti armor given the new guard lists we all see. I myself carry a lot of melta, power fist, etc however.

So, the plan of attack for most games will be to couple Shrike with the TH/SS Terminators, who can infiltrate and likely get the assault off first turn (Shrike gives my army fleet). The assault marines will fly up the flanks, again maybe getting in a turn 1 assault if I go 2nd. The dreadnought in the drop pod will also hit the enemy hard and fast, hopefully taking out a tank with the MM (or else use the heavy flamer if needed). The command squad rushes up in the razorback and sits until turn 2, where they pop out and have a 6" move + D6 run + 6" assault (each veteran has 4 attacks on the assault, two will have power weapons, that should hurt most things, including standard terminators).

The weakness i see in this army is going to be the use of the powerfists to pop enemy transports. The assault marines are great and hammer through enemy transports, but if I do they are going to get assaulted next turn by something that may very well have a high initiative. Im hoping the 2x rockets in the tactical squad, dreadnought, melta in razorback and auto cannon on the pred should be enough to take out a rhino or two (wave serpents are a bigger problem). I also have to be careful with the dreadnought, sure it drops in and takes out a tank or transport, only to have damn fire dragons blast it apart next turn. Perhaps an Ironclad is worth a thought (armor 13 rather than 12).

So, anyone else out there play this style of army? At the heart of it, the plan is to hit hard and fast, making my opponent have to make decisions on what they can counter, and what they have to let get taken out. The assault terminators with the 2+/3+ save is really the core of this list, such a strong hammer (or anvil) unit with infiltrate!


Anonymous,  January 25, 2011 at 8:17 PM  

i would not infiltrate the terminators with shrike. The terminators limits shrikes mobility. I personally use my own version of shrikes wing. 5 vv with lightning claws and jump packs. As for the terminators, try to add some scouts with a locator beacon and infiltrate them along with shrike, because even though shrike assaulted a unit, others can pile in and u need something to distract them with. It will also make your drop pods more accurate. My 1500 list goes like this
Scouts- sniper rifles, cammo cloaks, missle launcher
Scouts- heavy bolter, locator beacon
Tac squad- melta, multi melta, drop pod
Tac squad- plasma gun and cannon, rhino
Vanguard vets- jumpacks lightning claws
Terminator assault squad- thunder hammer storm shield
Devastator squad- 4 missle launchers

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