Ultra Vulkan Painting

Friday, August 21, 2009

Simple Green to the rescue

In case any of you were interested in repainting your models, there's one simple trick to doing it (as all the raven guard were x-ultra marines of mine). The trick is... Simple Green. It does work as well as everyone says it does. I did about a 80% solution:20% water ratio, and let the model soak in it for about 3 hours (the longer the better, 3 hours is really the min unless you want to do multiple cycles, which I did). I found that GW paints come off with ease, just grab a tooth brush and scrub away (with the exception of sunburst yellow). As for P3 paints, they take a little more scrubbing and time (in particular, their white - took 2-3 cycles with a good day soak)... The great part is, after they are cleaned, the base coat persist. I just took the cleaned up models, gave them a new thin basecoat, and they were good to go.


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