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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To Decal or to Freepaint (Raven Guard)

As we all know, for whatever reason GW decided to not support the Raven Guard with decals, thought they did with the other first founding chapters (Salamanders, White Scars, ...). So, I know Bell of Lost Souls did publish a decal sheet for the raven guard, however the issue is the fact you cant print white, so ill have to find white decal paper if I wanted to proceed. Unfortunately, this logo isnt the easiest one to paint well either... Have any of you out there had any luck with painting this logo? I have seen one tutorial on the topic, but is still didn't sell me as a sound technique.

I do plan on commencing with the how to paint raven guard video soon too. Take a look at some of my other demo videos in the previous posts...


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