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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dreadnought Tactica: Part II

As you can see, I finished "Cidius", a Diablo class assault dreadnought of the Raven Claw. Armed with my "Diablo" load out, a Heavy flamer & CC arm and Multi Melta. This walker will also ride into battle in his own personal drop pod armed with a storm bolter.

I seemed to get a lot of interest in my last posting on the effectiveness of the dreadnought (even though none of you left a comment!). So I decided to try and go even deeper...

Picking up where I left off, the dreadnought is a strike weapon, which must pick its target, not get picked. If this thing gets into a fist fight with terminators, a greater daemon, or any old ork nob with a klaw, you have yourself a 115 point piece or terrain because it is toast. This is why I like arming the dreadnought with drop pod. I can surgically strike just about anywhere I like with the drop pod rules. If that fire prism or battle wagon I wanted to destroy is loaded with power klaws nobs or near fire warriors in a wave serpent, I best rethink my move. Go after the wave serpent on the other side of the board filled with the dire avengers or that rhino full of marines with a power sword and flamer (a free 200 point lunch if you can get into assault...).

Mobility is really key for the dreadnought, as it does need to pick its target of choice. I love getting it into battle with howling banshees or khorne beserkers (beware the power fist), as im tearing apart that expensive unit which is a major threat to my scoring units -marines (nothing is worse than getting hammered by howling banshees or anything with loads of power weapons). In a raven guard army, I have that luxury as everything I field gets fleet (move, run, & assault in 1 phase).

Personally, I dont know if I would play with a dreadnought as a Marine player without either being a raven guard or salamander army (Vulkan of the Salamanders = twin linked flamer and meltas, very very siiick). I dont think if offers the value without being upgrading by one of the marine special characters.

Additionally, I was able to paint the Raven Guard logo first try with ease! Its actually easier than it seemed, just required a steady hand and a little extra white/black background paint to correct mistakes.

CORRECTION - Dreadnoughts dont have chapter tactics, therefore wont gain the fleet rule. Dang! Hopefully it wont need it with the drop pod. Thanks Grey Knight Luke from Dakka Dakka


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