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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, for those of you who do follow my blog and leave feedback, I thank you. While I like to think I know what Im doing, the reality is I spend about 85% of my time painting, modeling, and meta gaming as opposed to playing.

What often happens is ill concoct strategies, list and modeling schemes that have flaws in them (unbeknown to me). Last post for example, someone left a comment that razorbacks don't have firing points. Well, a minor detail I didn't catch!

Be forewarned, I think I have great ideas (read the Dreadnought tactica), however always double check my strategies, as they may be flawed. Thats just one benefit about sharing my ideas however, you all get to battle test them for me or have ways to better improve upon my thinking.

Well, im getting closer to a fully painted army, and then its time to punch in.


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