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Monday, September 7, 2009

Product Review: P3 Primer (vs GW)

After refusing to pay the $15 price tag for the GW Black Primer, I decided to give the $10 Privateer Press P3 primer a try. At 2/3s the cost, I wasnt sure what to expect. After working with it on multiple occasions, I will be making the switch. I am ALMOST as satisfied with the P3 primer vs. the GW primer that the switch is worth the $5 savings.

PROS: $5 Cheaper; provides a nice, smooth matte black finish; sprays nozzle is made to spray figures at about 8 inches away; seems to be more in paint in spray can (I didn't check the fl ozs.)

CONS: Much more of a liquid than a powder like the GW primer; takes 10x time to dry... GW primer seems to be dry by the time you've painted the model and go to pick it up, not so with P3; Needs Multiple Coats compared to GW

Despite my concerns about the liquid consistency of the product, it does dry thin and leaves the level of detail Im expecting from a good primer (even after needing more than 1 coat as it will require). If i were attempting to paint a forge world model or a model for a golden demon, I would stick with GW primer. Otherwise, you'll save a good $1o or so with the P3 primer for painting a 2000 point army.

Now, I want to give the $5 Krylon a try, as I heard that IS as good as the GW primer for $10 less...

As for P3 paint vs GW paint, that will come later...


Anonymous,  September 18, 2009 at 9:23 PM  

Oh god make sure your getting the type of Krylon that ISN'T half acetone. I tested it on a couple of spare 2nd edition marines and they ended up looking a little droopy.

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