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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Assault Termies - Finished!

Well, Ive finished my assault terminator squad, and Im pleased at how they turned out. I have a little highlighting to do on the sergeants face, but other than that they are done...

I actually built these assault termies on resin bases rather cheap. First, I used assault on black reach terminators (since I had a set). I got the Thunder Hammer / Storm Shields (TH/SS) of ebay along with shoulder pads (black templar pads which I shaved off the emblems) for about $20.

I also went with Dark Age resin bases (mosaic pattern) and added some flock grass to the bottom. Again, got these off ebay for about a dollar each (normally these things go for 3 or 4 $ each).

So, with a little extra work and time, you too can build out yourself a nice look terminator assault squad and save a few bucks.


Additionally, I began reading the Horus Heresy novels. For someone who rarely reads fiction, I have to say It got my attention and I very much so enjoyed it. I highly recommend picking it up. I was never one who wanted to become a fluff nut, but its just plain good fiction from the 40K universe.

I was thinking, that maybe once I reach 25 followers, one of you will win the first Horus Heresy novel, ill ship it to you and all. I just picked up the second book over the weekend. Lets see if I can hammer that one out in two weeks. Maybe ill give that away once I get 50 followers!


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