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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Raven Guard w./ Sisters of Battle???

Well, as I continue to try and determine how to expand my 1500 point list to a solid 1850 tournament list, im looking at all my options. Im thinking the addition of a thunder fire cannon may do just fine to help me thin out those hordes or foot slogging guard, or maybe even the new wolves (and upcoming Tyranids! why do I never see anyone playing with one? Answer me that readers, I would actually like to know). I know its vunerable, but with my list, hopefully I throw enough in your face to keep you occupied off the cannon for 3 or so turns (see army list below in previous post).

Well, if I do add in the cannon, it leaves me with 250 points. I really wondering if it would be worth it to throw in a squad of sisters (at 11 point WS 4, 3+ save). Im concerned my current list is really centered around assaulting. I think thats great for facing 75% of the list out there, but I do want more options for taking out the new wolves at range that I know im going to be seeing. Unfortunately, the damn wolves have as many attacks on the defense as I do with my assault marines on the charge... I need to take them out at 12 inches away or more. Plus, I can get 2 melta guns in a rhino for taking out those mech lists.

Any of you ever ally in a witch or daemon hunter? I know the list that won 'ard boys was a guard list with a daemon hunter HQ. He had some pretty mean combos in there, I suggest you ready over his list if you will (I think they refer to it as the leafblower on BoLS).


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