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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Storm Boyz - Da orkpocalypse

So, with taking a small break from painting my black raven guard space marines, I dusted off the Ork codex and began picking up some more boyz (got another box of boys of ebay for 12$, free shipping. PCMac51, your the best seller out there. Remember, always pay where your play too though!). So, as im still thinking of my next Ork list, I realized the stormboyz are better than they first appear. They essentially have FLEET! Yes, if they roll a one they take a wound, but otherwise they move forward a D6 inches. For 12 points, you get a unit of 5 boyz pumping out 20 attacks on the charge for 60 points... Better yet, throw in that Nob with Power Klaw and you have your anti armor unit us Ork players are always looking for. Follow it up with a battle wagon with 4 big shootas and 20 boyz (2 more big shootas) and you have yourself 50+ shots smashing that unit which was just inside the transport. Not bad at all...

I rarely play ork players, and when I do, I never see storm boyz. I think they are going to make a nice addition to my army. Storm Boyz, Deff Kopters, Bikes and Trukks, my kind of ork army - Da Orkpocalypse...


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