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Monday, October 26, 2009

1000 point painted!

Well, about in the home stretch now... Just 12 assault marines, a predator, a drop pod and Shrike left to paint. So, that's still a lot.

But here are some pictures of the 1st 1000 points of my 1500 point army. Im still awaiting some feedback from my last few post on what the last 350 points should be.

I have to say, after painting the ravenguard, I miss being able to drybrush orks. Painting these models was a 180 degree turn after starting on the boyz. There is no dry brushing gray on black, its all highlights.

Well, this project has taken me about 3 months or regular painting, but there was many a nights without me picking up a paintbrush. Soon ill be able to play with this army, finallllly!


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