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Thursday, November 19, 2009

How To: Blending for Blood Angels

So, with all the rumors about Blood Angels coming out in March/April of 2010, I have to say Im excited to see what comes with the codex... As a new Raven Guard player, I have to say i'm also a bit "concerned" as to what I may see in the new codex if it does come out. By concerned, I mean that I will want what the army offers over what im able to squeeze out of the Raven Guard. However, lets stop with the speculation. With the painting of my assault squad, I did proceed to do some blending/dry brushing... I still think my Ork Drybursh work is my best work yet, but lets see how it goes with the assault squad.

My Orks - still love the way they look

Started out with Gore Red from GW. As you can see, it goes on really really thin...

Once dried, I did some dry burshing with P3s "Skorne Red" paint. This is a much thicker paint than GWs gore red.

I then applied a decent coating of Black Wash and let it dry.

I finally grabbed another P3 paint, Khador Red Base to use for highlights. Given this is a base paint, its very thin so one much layer it on carefully.

The Paint pots themselves

And the final product. Ill soon be fielding 2x squads of these marines. Notice the checker pattern on the chain sword and the jump pack. I think it adds so much to the models.


AoM November 20, 2009 at 9:21 AM  

None of the P3 paints that are labeled as "X Color Base" are different from the other paints. They are merely the base color, not a base base paint like a GW Foundation paint. Sanguine Base is the exact same paint as Sanguine Highlight, they are just different colors. Same for Menoth White Base/Highlight, Cygnar Blue, Cryx Bane, and Khador.

Also, I don't see what you're gaining with the Gore Red step. It's too thin, and you're just covering it with Skorne Red and a black wash anyway. Skorne, heavy black wash, drybrush again with Skorne, then KRB drybrush will yield the same results, if not better.

UltraVulkan,  November 20, 2009 at 2:46 PM  

As for the P3 paint, whether the base paint is different or not, all I know is this particular color runs extremely thin... And for the Red Gore base, Ill usually apply 2 coats. If you look at the 3rd pic above, you do see the added depth from this coat. Its usually most obvious around the edges where dry brushing doesn't apply paint. I will however give your suggestion a run and see how it turns out. Thanks

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