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Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Project - Blood Angels! (painting)

So, even though ive always wanted to start a blood angels army, I havent yet to do so... till now! And no, im not leaving behind my Raven Guard (yet), but I wanted to see if I was up to painting a blood angel, yes, singular, just one.

The most difficult thing about painting any army which has a black base coat (raven guard, black templar) is that the base is so unforgiving. There is no blending, no dry brushing, no fun... Its all highlighting. So, as Ive always noted my Ork boyz have always been more impressive to me than my Raven Guard as they allowed me to blend and shade. So, with this pass the first of my blood angels has been painted. I dont know if Ill be painting any more blood angels anytime soon, but I wanted to see how I could lay down some red coats on this spare model. Overall im very pleased with how it turned out.

Here are some more pics:

If anyone cares Ill fire off a follow up post on how I painted this.

ALSO, I never got word back, so the HORUS HERESY novel give away is still on! More to come.


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