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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Warhammer Fantasy Armies/units for TRADE

So, as im home for the holidays I decided to dig up the ol' warhammer fantasy armies. I didnt remember I had sooo much stuff. As im now a 40k player, im looking to trade away the following items - email me if your interested (most everything is unpainted):

-Warhammer Fantasy Dwarfs including:
-16 crossbowmen (metal)
-16 dwarf slayers (metal)
- gyrocopter (metal)
- anvil of doom (metal)
- 16 longbeards (metal)

Warhammer Fantasy Elfs:
- 10 Dragon Princes (metal/plastic)
- 2 bolt throwers (metal)
- Dragon (metal)
- Chariot (metal/plastic)

Warhammer Giant (metal, third edition giant - looks better than the new ones...)

leave a comment or shoot me an email if your interested in any of the above for trade (wanted SMs, Blood Angels, Orks) or $.


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