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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nid Killerz! (Battle with New Nids)

Long time no post! Well, I did actually post 4 or 5 days ago, however I posted an illegal army list, so I had to quickly delete that post before I made myself sound even more noobish... Either way, it was around a new army I may run with K.Khan as the HQ (grating a group or assault marines furious charge in a rhino, and having a few other assault marines outflank).

Well, I had my first run in with the new Nid codex today. Actually had a great 1000 point battle, in which I think I found every weakness in the nid codex by mopping them up... To be fair, it was against a relatively new player who got back into 5th ed with the release of his army's new codex. I wont get into the details of the game, however what I will say is the following about my limited experience with Nids:

-Remember to bring a lot of rocket launchers (as I did today) - insta killing warriors and zoanthropes is KEY to saving the bolter fire for the guants, genestealers and gargoyles (combat squad you tactical squads). Also great to drop a small templates on a swarm of gaunts as opposed to a single lascannon shot.
- I did a little post not to long ago praising the predator tank armed with heavy bolters, autocannon and storm bolter (for 95 pts). Yeh, this will eat up those non MC nids just fine... I was taking down warriors left and right with this thing. 8 AP 4 shots (and 2 AP 5 shots)
-Carnifexs are overpriced now! If you see them, be thankful the points are tied up in this
-Assault Terminators with TH/SS will EAT any Nid MC (monstrous creature) alive... A hive tyrant MAY last a turn, more likely two... Use Assault Marines as Counter-Assault MC destroyers, dont loose them by getting forced to make 18 saves from a swarm of gaunts. Thats what your cheaper marines are for! (I think this is my best advice)
- Be worried about a swarm of h.gaunts - be sure to be in cover, youll get to strike first!
- Take a combat squad of plasma/combi plasma as opposed to a melta gun... youll knock out a few wounds off a MC without much issue. Have this be your MC hunter squad...
- Attack Bikes with H.Bolters are great - a squad of 3 for 120 points. 9 S5 AP4 shots and some bolter fire

What do you think of the new nids? How have your experiences with them been?

Well, back to painting my Blood Angels. I really hope their new codex gets attack bikes, though im sure it will...


Max January 24, 2010 at 1:20 PM  

Plasma does seem pretty good, though melta will insta-kill about half the dex. One thing I'm going to try using now is a full squad of Stormtroopers loaded up with plasma, as an MC/MEQ killer. I've run the math and they should be able to down a 'Fex or unarmored HT in one round, and have a fair chance of eliminating a Tervigon as well, especially if they get Bring it down!

Also, Battle Cannons continue to murder things.

Ultra Vulkan,  January 24, 2010 at 4:14 PM  

The guard do have the ability to lay down an overwhelming amount of firepower, something I cant do as well with my marines... I like the idea of running your MC/MEQ killer stormtroopers, something which I may consider doing with sternguard (with their S4 AP3 bolter rounds), though they are expensive... Most marines players will run 4 combat squads, something which that plasma squad will chew threw. You'll take down those scoring units in no time... I actually think the IG codex is still the best in the game, and will be the best one to deal with the Nids (with wolves doing well to with 3 attacks on counter assault). You could also run autocannon weapon teams...

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