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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blood Angel Vanilla Marines army list

First things first, as we can see from the poll I placed, there seems to be a lot of love for the loyalist SM legions, and none for those heretic fallen battle brothers. I was expecting some more votes for the World Eaters (my fav. chaos legion, along with the best legion name in the 40k universe...).

So, as I continue to paint away on my new blood angels army (will post pics next post, I think they are coming together well - see post below), Ive decided to continue to play test army lists in the space marine codex. My latest army is led by K. Khan, a very under utilized SM character in my opinion. First, he grants the unit he is with furious charge (in this case, my command squad in razorback), and allows any reserve to come in using the outflank rule (my 2 assault marine squads). The command squad should be a nasty one to deal with. Veterans with 4 attacks on the charge (at S5 and I5) with feel no pain... These guys will slice through a 10 man marine squad in no time. With outflank, my assault marines will be coming in from the board edge of choice 66% of the time. That's great considering they'll get off a 18" assault on the turn they arrive. Ill be sure to keep any objectives I place along the board edge... Here is the list:

160 Khan

115 Command Squad
Furious Charge, Feel no Pain, Hit and Run
15 Company Champ

10 Meltagun

40 Razorback

90 Tactical Squad

80 x5 Marines

5 Meltagun

10 CombiMelta

0 Rocket

90 Tactical Squad

80 x5 Marines

10 Plasmagun

10 Combiplasma

0 Rocket

35 Rhino

200 Assault Terminators

105 Dreadnough

0 M.Melta

10 H. Flamer

35 Drop Pod

100 Assault Marines Reserve

25 Power fist

90 x5 Marines Reserve

80 Attack Bikes (2x)

20 M.Meltas

60 Predator

25 H. Bolters


Im becoming more fond of plasma as you can see. I never used plasma in my army before, but with the new Nidz codex, it should be helpful in killing those MCs (Tervagons - this is the one new Nid unit that "can" be spammed and ruin a game (if the dice rolls are going for the Nid player)). I also never realized how great it feels to shoot 2 plasma guns and take down 3 MEQs in a round of shooting regardless of the rest of the squads bolter fire. And with 1/2 the armies out there MEQs, not to shabby...


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