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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How To: Make Combi Meltas

So, this technique is by no means my own, as I believe I got it off a Dakka Dakka thread. However, this is my implementation of that method, and one which I think is a win...

I for one, think the combi melta is a must have for every sergeant. By having a melta/combi melta in a tactical squad, you double your chances of getting that one melta shot that matters. Most people hate the fact its a single shot, but think about it, you only really ever get the chance to get that one melta shot you need each game.

So, upon closer inspection, youll see how I crafted this. I stripped the top of a bolter off (the sight rails), and basically cut the melta gun right below the ammo tank (painted red here) on the melta gun. I also cut off the melta barrel and glued it a little above the bolter barrel. The trickiest part was actually behind the melta "ammo tank". To make it actual look cohesive, I had to glue on another triangular bolter gun "butt" (again, its right behind the red melta ammo tank). The gun is a little larger than a combi melta from GW, but not really all that noticeable. I like the way this turned out.

Next, the Combi Plasma:

I like the look of this one just as much, however I think I need to do something so the ammo clip isnt sticking out of the plasma chamber. I have an idea....


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