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Monday, February 1, 2010

Why i like painting Blood Angels

The Blood Angels, the IXth Legion marines under Dante, the Sons of Sanguinius. Well, as you can see I continue to paint away on my blood angels army. I wont go into any of the rumors, as you can read those at Bell of Lost Souls, however from what I have read thus far, I like.

First up, a tactical squad led by my favorite sergeant. I believe this one is from the Mk I veterans box set. I got it off ebay for about 8$ with shipping, and thought he isnt yet fully painted, I like the robed look...

Next up is the legions finest assault marines. Led by a vanguard veteran with power first, this squad is ready to tackle any oncoming force. And if the rumors are true, they may just be attack at S5/I5 (furious charge).

And last but not least, every ones favorite assault ship, the drop pod. This is being prepared to house a death company furioso dreadnought...

Why do I like painting Blood Angels? As Ive said it before, when painting the raven guard, I missed being able to blend paint and colors. Black with white highlights is sooo boring to paint, and very hard to paint well. More to come.


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