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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The "IT" BA unit ! BA Codex Review

Well, I just finished painting what will be the first of either 2 or 3 of these "RAS" squads (Razorback Assault Squad). And if your a blood angels player, I suggest you do the same. For the price of about 175 points (get the codex to see the actual cost), you get yourself a 5 man squad with a power weapon sergeant, a melta gun, in a fast razorback with a twin linked las cannon!

Now, it only gets better from here... Why did I make it a 5 man squad instead of a 6 man squad you ask? Well, I need to leave room for a Sang. Priest of course. From what I gather, a solid 50 points buys me a Sang Priest (elite, indep char.) which grants my squad Furious Charge & Feel no Pain... Throw on a Power Weapon for a Sang Priest and I have myself a nice little unit it.

The next best part - Starting these fast tanks from reserve. Move on 12" and still fire the Lascannon.

More to come next post with how I will be building my BA Army, How I will use Reserves with this Army (think Razorback w./ Lascannon, Baal Pred), and why I think perhaps I may use Astorath the Grim as my HQ (over Sang Priest units)


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