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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Return of the lascannon?

Well, im beginning to become convinced that im going to begin to drift away from multi-meltas in favor of lascannons... It began with this article on Bell of Lost Souls and continued with this line of thinking:

What If I went with a predator destructor pattern tank with lascannons (autocannon, 2x lascannons) instead of my beloved predator with heavy bolters? How would I fire off my wall of lead at those pesky bugs and orks? Well, decided to get a little creative and thought of the las predator with 2x land speeders each with 2x heavy bolters (a solid 12 S4 AP4 shots for 120 point). Yeh, that'll do it... Speeders provide that tank a nice 4+ cover when they start out in front of it...

Anyway, the point of this article was to challenge you, the 40K gamer into thinking a little more outside the box. With the dawn of this new uber skimmer in the blood angels codex which is immune to melta, I began to think, is melta loosing its way?

Think about it, there are easily half the armies in the game in where melta guns are a poor option against. Elder are basically immune, its overkill for dark eldar and orks given the open topped vehicles, and the nids dont have armor, and im not that concerned about tau armour... Hmm, ok, so what about the rest?

Well, against IG and SMEs, melta is excellent for taking out armor and transports (except the new immune to melta Blood Angel skimmer, yah!)... The only problem is there are likely 2 melta gun shots coming back at you the next turn (those chimera veterans sqaud combos or the melta/combi melta space marine squards), so that speeder, attack bike or dreadnought it likely a goner. And here in lies my thought, the point of that sacrificial deep striking speeder was to take out the chimera anyways to reveal the tender insides... Why not do it from the safety of 48 inches away and keep my vehicle?

Well, its good to be posting again, as I moved to a new apartment. I have been busily painting away my new blood angels and am excited after reading more about the confirmed dex earlier this weekend on BoLS.

Lastly, I will be selling of some of my painted raven guard army, anyone interested? Selling off the deadnought below, a command squad, rhino and combat squad. More to come..

Come on, its to beautiful for me to strip down and paint blood red, there has to be a buyer somewhere...


Akenseth March 9, 2010 at 8:54 AM  

Actually, I'm a firm believer in this philosophy - I even was talking about it back in January.


Ultr Vulkan,  March 9, 2010 at 6:20 PM  

Great Blog Akenseth! Im glad to add you to the blog roll, excited to see other people who seem more knowledgeable about the game reading my thoughts, and agreeing...

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