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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ravenguard/B.Templar 4 Sale & BA update

Well, first and foremost, I did put up a few of my Ravenguard units up on eBay, so if your interested check them out. I think youll be able to get them for a great price:

My Beloved Ravenguard Dreadnought:

A Ravenguard Rhino:

Now, as for the blood angels, progress is resuming. Without seeing the codex, Ive painted up a nice base army which I will likely use and my backbone to expand upon once I get my hands on the codex. At this point, I have 10 assault marines with jump packs, 10 tactical marines, a drop pod, rhino, razorback, predator and dreadnought ready to rock (still need to paint dreadnough and predator).

Now, with those core I plan on running:

10x Tactical squad - Combat Squad with Lascannon; Sergeant w./ Powersword, combi melta, meltagun, razorback (may switch to flamers from meltas)

10x Assault Squad - Powerfist, Meltagun

Dreadnought in drop pod - No idea what variant I will run

Predator - Las/Autocannons

2x Attack Bikes - H.Bolters or Meltaguns (not sure, but they hang back with the predator to provide cover)

I think this puts me at about 825 points or so, then again Im not certain without yet seeing the new codex...

So, I have about 1025 points left for goodies... Im thinking assault termines, more assault marines or veterans/d.company, 2 baal predators(maybe), another Dread in pod, and finally an HQ... For those of you who have seen the codex, share with me your thoughts... Where do these new marines strengths land? How good are the furioso dreadnoughts over a standard one with multimelta? Will a librarian lead my army? Are veterans really better than their scoring assault marine counterparts (I know Dante makes them scoring, or so I heard, but I don't think ill run a a uber character)?


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