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Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Lizardmen for SALE! (unpainted)

Well, I am selling my unpainted Lizardmen army, mostly on sprue. Here we go:

16x Saurus on Sprue (35$)
11x Saurus partially assembled (~22$)
18x Temple Guard partially assembled (~48$)
12x skinks on sprue (~16$)
6x skinks assembled (~8$)
1 Skink Shaman (11$)
8x Cold One Calvary on sprue (35$)
Army Book (25$)
Slann Mage Priest in box (42$)

Its about a 240$ value new, im willing to sell at a decent price OR trade for marines/blood angels...

Leave a comment or email me at ultravulkan at gmail.com


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