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Friday, September 25, 2009

Painting Checkers Pattern

One of my favorite looks that I come across on well painted models often includes a checker pattern somewhere along the way.

As you can see, I like to think Ive done well with it. It actually takes a little practice, but even more time compared to most other painting challenges. While its technically not that complicated, it requires a steady hand and the willingness to try, try again.

Step 1:
I like to actually choose a flat surface if I can. If I cant (like on my orks - see pics above), ill choose a surface that at least doesn't have any major protrusions. Ill then actually draw a grid with a mechanical pencil with sharp graphite. I prefer to make the grid smaller rather than larger.

Step 2:
Paint in the squares with a slightly thinned out white, the thinning of the paint allow for it to be applied a little more easily, important here. This will also require a very fine paint brush.

Step 3:
Youll likely make some mistakes, in which youll have to clean up with black paint. This process may happen more than once.

Step 4:
Finally, I like to pain little "L" shaped white highlight in the black checkers, it adds a little highlight (apply to opposite corners, so each black check has 2 small "L" shapes following the square shape) . Im sure you have seen this before, but it really adds a lot in my opinion.

Step 5:
Practice. Go give it a try, it will likely require some practice, and this will need more time than youd expect, but it adds alot!

Next time, my method for painting power weapons (see lightning claw blades below):

I see that people prefer to see more about painting the SMs than the orks...


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