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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Assault Terminators vs Space Wolves

Well, im a little over half way through painting my assault terminators... I actually spent time painting them today at the local GW store, and of course I spent some time assessing the new Space Wolves codex.
Damn, while I dont think the wolves are as powerful as the new IG, they still have some sick units.
One advantage still in the SM codex is the assault terminators. You can kit out space wolf terminators in the same gear, but not for 40 points a pop like in the SM codex.

The one unit i fear the most are the blood claws, with 4 attacks on the charge (+2 attacks on the charge). While they are only WS 3, they still hit a marine on a 4+ (not a 5+).

Anyway, here is my latest SM Assault terminator, ill have a pic of the unit up once completed (again, over 50% complete now).

NEW POLL Question: Which 5th Ed codex is the strongest??? Orks, SM, IG or Space Wolves. My vote still is in going toward the IG...


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