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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who Needs Blood Angels, I got Boyz

Well, the rumor mill is turning, and it appears that after the new Tyranid codex comes out in January, the Blood Angels are due next in March... I for one was originally excited for the blood angel codex, because thats the army I wanted to build... As you can all see, I became impatient and the Raven Guard Ive come to love were born.

Now, for the new Blood Angels codex, Im actually going to be slightly disappointed if thats whats delivered in March. I for one would like to see a consolidated 'angels of death codex', a split blood angels/dark angel codex. We dont need yet another marine codex (with the recent release of the space wolves)! I think this would be a win/win. Those poor Dark Angel players who dont have gear options in their codex well get an update, while the blood angels players will be glad to have something which is published outside a White Dwarf. Do you all agree?

I really would like to see other codexes get updated before another marine codex. Give me a new Dark Eldar or Necron (they of all races need it the most) codex. Im getting sick of seeing marine player after marine player on the table tops (guilty as charged) . Weve had 3 consecutive "good guy" codexes released in a row, give something to the bad guys (are Necrons really bad, I guess it depends who you ask).

Now, even if a Blood Angels codex were release, I feel my Raven Guard are close enough of a play style, that I would still proceed with my Ork Army. Something about the orks keeps drawing me back to them (other than it will take me 6 months to paint that army, thought I have a small head start (see pics above)).

I just sold of my Lizardmen (which I spent months painting and never played a game with) so I have enough $ to spend on getting my boyz up to 1750 points or so. Something about the fantasy fluff just didnt capture me, I wouldnt get into it. I began reading the Horus Heresy books and I was sold that 40k was the only game for me.

Next Post - back to my Shrike vs Vulkan argument from a few post ago... Vote for which 5th ed codex is the most overpowered! My vote still goes to those IG bastards.


RonSaikowski October 11, 2009 at 12:47 PM  

I too would love to see the DA included in that one but if I had to guess, I think the front half will be BA and the back half will be devoted to successor chapters and varients with extra rules for creating and playing each individual chapter.

I figure they'll have the extra chapter specific in there and they'll use the BA rules as the core. Kinda like the old Chaos codex where you had a page or two about unique chapters like Word Bearers for example.

That's my two cents though.

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