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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Soldier of Sanguinius! AND Commission work

So what began as a personal challenge has now morphed into something more than just that... As I progress with painting my first blood angel, I quickly decided I cant stop. With painting the raven guard, while it was enjoyable, I missed the ability to blend and dry brush. As a result of my new found painting BA abilities, Im not going to be able to stop. I actually plan on selling off some of my raven guard army and converting the rest into BA. Any one interested?

In that same realm, Im going to be taking a week off from work over the holiday break. I would LOVE to do some small commission work over the break. Anyone willing to give me a chance on doing a small 5 man squad or dreadnought or... for either the Orks or Space Marines (given I dont know my abilities to paint other armies - havent developed a comfort level with painting eldar/guard/....). My price will be reasonable, thought not a steal. Anyway, here are some more pics:

My plan is basically to convert over my raven guard army, and use the SM codex with the BAs till the new BA codex comes out in March??? Would be awesome.

Oh Oh, before I forget, ill post soon on how to use decal thinner and how it makes GW decals look great on models!


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