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Monday, May 3, 2010

BoLS Player List - Tournament Army Article

So, first of all, take a moment and read through these killer lists posted on BoLS. They are some very serious tournament lists poster in this article. Certainly something not made for friendly games.

Click this link to read the article

So, as im going to my first tournament in late June, Im certainly "meta-gaming" the crap out of my army list (I just need to hit the table top more now). After reading this article, my response to the following army lists is:

1. Da Ork Mob
With over 150 orks on the table, and my 1850 list built for taking down tanks, this would be an interesting one. I believe that however, I have enough firepower to thin out the hordes with the twin ass cannon baals and a 10 man librarian led sang priest assault squad should be able to each take out a horde a turn. I do believe I can take on this lists, but Ive never faced a horde like such (and I assume at 1850 he would drop down the horde sizes a bit). Taking out the Tank Busters would be a priority to keep them off my Baals. The two lascannon preds would be near worthless this game after taking down the biker warboss outside of tank shocking. My mobility should help me as stated in the article. The list player says he wins 85% of games with this list though, so Im sure he is a much stronger player than I am.

2. Leaf Blower IG
This list scares me the most except if I get to go first... Im not sure I have much to counter this list when it goes first. The amount of fire power it can hit me with would likely cripple me... I would consider reserving everything if I had to go second here so I wouldn't get alpha striked. The problem is if I come in piecemeal I can still get taken apart. If i went first however, I think I could take out a lot of the armor with my 1850 list, as I have 2 lascannon preds, a DDM (drop pod dreadnought with multimelta), 2 lascannon predators and a lascannon tactical squad (with enough meltas to take out more armor). In the assault, I would have no problem taking this out. My jump pack assault marines with power fist, 2x melta and blood lance lib would certainly be key in this battle.

3. Hybrid Space Wolf
The longsfangs in this list do scare me, however I feel good in the assault given the smaller sized grey hunter squads. Target priority #1 is getting this longfangs to concentrate their fire on anything but my transport, and the DDM may help me do that. The wolfguard here are scary too, with those cyclone launchers.

I think if I play well, its probably a 50:50 between BA and SWs.

The key here of course is making sure im on top of my game for these types of matches... What do you think?


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